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Financing Your Oral Surgery Care

Insurance form for dental insuranceIn our office, we offer high-quality care and payment options that work for all of our patients. Those seen for a consultation will be provided an estimate for their treatment. The cost of the surgery may differ from the estimate as the final charges are based strictly on the actual surgery performed. Please be aware of what your insurance will not cover. These charges will become the responsibility of the financial guarantor for the patient.

We make every effort to contact your insurance company for the benefits available to you. As hard as we try, sometimes we are not able to obtain this information. It is the responsibility of the patient’s financial guarantor or the primary insurance holder to know the benefits of the policy. Our office will be happy to assist you by providing you with the procedure codes when needed. If the information provided on the back of your insurance card is not helpful please ask to speak to the Insurance Specialist.

Most insurance companies have a limit to the amount of services they will pay for during a plan year. For example, if your insurance pays only $1000 yearly and your estimate is $1,200 you will be responsible for $200 on the day you come in for your procedure, as well as a percentage of the original $1,000 annual benefit, depending on your insurance policy. If your finances do not allow for this amount, please ask to speak to the Insurance Specialist.

Other issues to consider:

  • Has your yearly deductible been met?
  • Is IV anesthesia covered by your policy?
  • What is the effective date of your policy?
  • What is the “plan year” for your policy?  It may not be a calendar year (January – December).
  • Does your insurance company require you to see an in-network provider?
  • Is there reason to believe that your medical insurance should be billed for the procedure?

Payment options:

Spring Park OMS works with both Care Credit and Wells Fargo to help our patients with their financial needs. Payment programs are available in 6 and 12 month interest-free terms. Longer terms are available with a nominal interest fee.

Applications are available online and processed within seconds. Your card will be accepted at Spring Park as if it were a credit card. Payment terms are shown on their website or you can call our office to have the information explained to you.

Using your Care Credit or Wells Fargo cards you can:

  • Pay for deductibles and treatments not covered by insurance.
  • Start treatment immediately and pay over time.
  • Use the card for your entire family without having to re-apply.
  • Reserve existing credit cards for household or unplanned expenses
  • Never pay an annual fee
  • No interest or low interest payment plans

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